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1.2.6. Biowarfare

Agents of biological warfare are the name of a class of pathogens as well as biotoxins that

could be used to serve criminal or military purposes (Pohanka and Kuca in 2010).

In the early days of December 2002, The National Security Council learned of the possibility of a smallpox epidemic.

in Oklahoma. The state of Oklahoma confirmed 20 instances by Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Oklahoma, and 14 cases being suspected. The CDC reported 16 additional cases in Georgia

and Pennsylvania. Authorities from both states quickly informed the public about the outbreak and then introduced a vaccination policy for those who are at the highest the risk of being exposed to the

smallpox virus ( Three days prior to Christmas season

and 13 days following the outbreak’s initial outbreak in total, 16,000 cases of smallpox were reported

In 25 states, there were 1000 deaths. Other countries also have reported smallpox cases, which is believed to be the result of travelers who came from America. United States. Canada and Mexico were both closed.

Their borders are open to their borders with the United States. The supply of vaccines was depleted and health officials were unable to cross

forecast that by February there will be 3 million smallpox cases that could mean as

As many as many as. This scenario was actually an actual game.

In their natural form, bacteria, viral spores, and fungi produce pretty decent biological

weapons. If genetic engineering is utilized to create weapons, other harmful agents could be created. During the

Cold War, several offensive biowarfare initiatives were run to create the so-called

Super Bugs. One of the programs, Project Bonfire, worked to make bacteria that were

The resistance to 10 different varieties of antibiotics. The method was to identify and cutting

Genes that conferred resistance to antibiotics across a variety of strains of bacteria. By

By incorporating these genes into the genome of anthrax bacterium the Project Bonfire made an

A strain of anthrax that was resistant to any cure available, making it difficult for treatment (Fig. 1.7).

The Hunter Program was another biological warfare research program that centered on

Combining whole genomes of various viruses to create totally new hybrid viruses

(Fig. 1.8). These synthetic viruses may cause unpredictably unpleasant symptoms that do not have a

The treatment is well-known. It was an ingenuous twist. it was discovered that the Hunter Program also created bacterial strains

which carried pathogenic viruses within that carried pathogenic viruses inside. They could cause in double trouble:

The person who contracted the infection is likely to be treated with antibiotics,

to stop the infection by disrupting bacteria’s cells. This would stop the infection by disrupting the bacterial. This would allow the

virus, leading to an outbreak of the virus. This scenario could confuse medical

personnel, which makes treatment difficult.

It is unclear if the biological agents ever actually used to cause illness in people.

While at the same time there was a growing fear about the biological warfare offensive,

The focus is on the daunting task of the delivery of biological weapons like anthrax to

population. In the course of experiments conducted on the sea or at Desert facility there were large populations of

animals like guinea-pigs as well as monkeys and sheep were exposed to the poisonous agents.

The most alarming part was the study that tested the dispersal process of spores of bacteria on humans.

populations of harmless spores from bacterial species that were similar to anthrax in size and shape .

In secret, the toxins are dispersed through air conditioning systems, above the bay, and within subways. Findings from

These tests revealed not only the challenges of giving anthrax to people this was also the case with the ability to deliver anthrax to people

as well as the fatal consequences of a distribution that is successful